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Congratulations AYLA!


Ayla star Nicholas Wilder and Tristan Risk picked up Best Actor awards at Mexico's Feratum Film Festival and Vancouver's Badass Film Festival! 

Elias was also awarded Best Director at VBAFF 

Hunting Grounds (as Valley of the Sasquatch) took home the jury award for Best Sci-Fi/Horror Feature at The Toronto Independent Film Festival.


Hunting Grounds (as Valley of the Sasquatch) is awarded Best Cinematography in a feature film at The  Horrible Imaginings Film Festival.


Hunting Grounds (as Valley of the Sasquatch) won awards for Best Actor (Jason Vail) and Best Cinematography (Jeremy Berg) at the 2015 Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival‏

The Device is awarded the 2014 Audience Award at The Local Sightings Film Festival.

Ayla was named BEST SUPERNATURAL FEATURE at Europe's Phillip K. Dick Film Festival

Ayla Star Dee Wallace was awarded BEST FEMALE PERFORMACE award at the Fantastic Planet Film Festival

The Invoking (as Sader Ridge) came up big at the 2013 Dark Carnival Film Festival with 7 nominations and 3 big wins.  
Congratulations to

Jeremy Berg (Best Cinematography) 

D'Angelo Midili (Best Actor)

Composers Trip Like Animals (Best Music).


The Invoking (as Sader Ridge) took home the 2013 Audience Award at The Seattle True Independent Film Festival.

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